Ewe Experience. Something to sing and dance about!

Hurry - closed from September 17th!
Hurry - you have only until Sunday September 16th to visit the amazing Ewe Experience in 2018. It is 3 miles north of Glengarriff on the Kenmare Road (N71). Ireland's only interactive sculpture garden is now celebrating its 25th year. Here you can explore nature with a twist. Water, Time, The Environment and Ancient Earth are the four main themes and they are presented in a huge variety of sculptures, large and little, serious and humorous. Play interactive games along the way, low tech of course, stones and squares on a rock for example.

This is a creative haven, learn as you go, history, geography, evolution. Have a laugh or two along the way. The Ewe, one of Ireland's top outdoor experiences, is a must visit for young and not so young alike, in a very beautiful part of the country. See the Riverside gallery, the Ewe Create areas, Vintage games, Poetry trail and waterfalls, the Fern labyrinth, Dinosaurs and giants, Human sun dial, Evolution walk, Meet your ancestors, and See the most destructive animal.

Designer Sheena Wood and writer Kurt Lyndorff are constantly developing the 280 acre private estate, a mix of mountain and water, so return visitors will see something new as well as old favourites. The couple are on the side of the environment and sustainability  (the toilet here is connected to an natural reed bed system). Get all the details on their website here
When will he pack his trunk and say goodbye to the circus?

"Does my bum look big in this?"

Sometimes it rains here!

The lady of the house. Amazing detail here - check the socks
and the cardigan

Don't forget to look up. Keep looking as you go: down, up, left, right, and behind of course!

A surprise around every corner

I love these ones

Hello there!

Mary and John.

Another of my big favourites

A Milky Choir
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