There have always been quite a few good reasons to visit Glengarriff in West Cork. One, that some of you may not know, is The Ewe 

Basically, the Ewe experience is a sculpture garden set mainly around a small lively river running down through a forest a few miles west of Glengarriff on the Kenmare Road. It is well signposted and easy to find.

You get a clue of what you’ll encounter even in those signs and certainly at the entrance where you’ll see the first of the sculptures. Many of them, including the hand pointing to the way in, will raise a smile, some even a laugh.

But there is something serious going on here too. If you read all the information panels on the walk, you will be well educated on mother earth and nature and on man’s part in it. But always that touch of humour. Dare to open a door in a rock to see the world’s most destructive creature and......

Sustainable living is also a theme here. And it is seen in the sculptures, many of them made out of used materials. Take the choir of Milk Maidens for example. They are all created from plastic milk cartons, their prominent red lips from the caps!

There are huge dinosaurs and a massive spider, fish jumping (one cycling even), grim faced bugs all over the place. If you get taken short and need to use the loo, don't worry. There is a pink one provided, with a phone in the tree alongside. All the comforts of home!

You have to be wide awake walking around here and not just because the paths are rough enough. Keep those peepers open and you’ll see a big spotted cat prowling through the trees. And a man’s head, a big one,  lying there.

Humour abounds but questions are asked in a subtle kind of way. Sculpture and nature to nurture the soul. Good for the kid in you and hopefully the kids of today will dial in to the wisdom so that the kids of the future will enjoy this fragile place we call earth.

But don’t let me finish on a serious note. If you take a kid to Ewe, there are games scattered all around for them.  And you! Play Solitaire on a stone “board”, also Noughts and Crosses and more. Visit. Enjoy.