FORM16. Major Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition at Ballymaloe House

FORM16. Silent Expression
Major Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition at Ballymaloe House
9.00am to 9.00pm Daily, until August 31st.

Fox, by Ester Barrett
Giant Irish Stag, by Ester Barrett
It looks as if I like the work of Ester Barrett! But there are many more top artists exhibiting here. Check list at end.
Sleeper Study by Michael Quane
Pitch Fork by Patrick O'Reilly

Stone Sphere by Michelle Byrne

Trinity by Richie Healy

by Richie Healy

Steeplechaser by Ester Barrett

Legacy of Faith by Cormac O'Reilly

Leaf Form by Martha Quinn

Cat by Nigel Connell Bass

Eagle by Nigel Connell Nass

Dog by Nigel Connell Bass

Apatura Obscura by Richie Healy

Detail from Tall Hare by Seamus Connolly

Interjection 1 by Mel French

Dozens of artists are exhibiting here including:

Ester Barrett
Stephen Burke
Michelle Byrne
Rob Byrne
Sonia Caldwell
John Coll
Nigel Connell Bass
Seamus Connolly
Nuala Early
Jason Ellis
Mel French
Moss Gaynor
Richard Healy

Redmond Herrity
Bojana Kri┼żanec
Robyn Lawlor
Martin Lyttle
Eileen McDonagh
Tim Morris
David O’Brien
Elizabeth O’Kane
Niall O’Neill
Cormac O’Reilly
Patrick O’Reilly
Krystyna Pomeroy
Michael Quane
Martha Quinn
Vivienne Roche
Blessing Sayanga
Matthew Thompson
Gwen Wilkinson

There is also a fringe show. For more details on FORM16, please click here