A Paradise in Doneraile

Doneraile Wildlife Park
Drove into the 166 hectare park, just off the main street in Doneraile yesterday and was delighted to see hundreds of people, including many children, out and about and enjoying themselves by the little river (the Awbeg), in the well equipped playground, and in the wide open spaces of the landscaped park. There are many walks here, some long, some short. And there are also many deer, quite a few young also at present.

Doneraile Wildlife Park (no admission charge) is a gem and many times it is under-utilised. But that was not the case this Thursday and I had trouble finding parking. Trouble is hardly the word as the OPW have an overflow car park nearby. 

Many of the people were having a picnic. But don't worry if you forgot to bring food and drink. There is a lovely tea rooms in the former kitchen of the Doneraile Court building around which the park is built and the rooms are open every day of the week from 10.00am to 6.00pm. And if you want to find out more about the gardens here, check with guides@doneraile.ie who do guided group tours.