Four weeks in the Basque Country

The Basque Collection
France/Spain 2012

Easy Trip to the Basque Country
Hendaye, a beautiful place
Hondaribbia, old and beautiful
Dining with Serge Blanco; a Town full of Peppers
Swine and Wine
French-Spanish Summit. The Basque Mountain.
Zumaia: Gorgeous Spanish coastal town.
Token Steps on the Pilgrim Path
Dinner in the Santa Maria
Wine with a head. A Dubliner's Chateau
Hope this Basque priest wins Lotto
Getaria. A gem of the Spanish coast.
Hard to find fresh milk in France!
Kite surfers skipping on over the ocean
Dinner at La Cabane du Pecheur
Basque Heart of Oak
New drink for the repertoire
Super visit to La Rioja
Wine and Fashion in Spanish gem
Driving on the edge!
San Sebastian, one of the beautiful cities
Tourist Office to the rescue
Sunny Day at the Market
A packed beach as temps soar
Cyrano's author's villa
Billy Goat Beer and Paddle Surfing
Sipping on the dock of the bay
Star Lunch at Bilbao's Nerua
Guggenheim in Black and White
Hockney at Bilbao's Guggenheim
Night of music in France
Tips for driving Bordeax-Roscoff 
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