Go see a liner in Cobh

Coming in to the harbour
Turning for Cobh
Reaching the town
Blocking the river!
Turned and ready to berth
Coaches ready
Welcome committee!
At the berth.

Go see a liner in Cobh

Spent a pleasant few hours in Cobh last Sunday, waiting and then watching as the magnificent cruise liner, the Independence of the Seas, came in to port. Her superstructure was visible above Spike Island as she made her first appearance and soon her impressive full-length was visible as she passed the Whitegate area.

Then she straightened up and headed for Cobh and the deep water berth, giving a great view to the thousands who had gathered on the quays and streets and the higher roads. The skill of the captain and his crew was now very much in evidence as she slowly took a position at right angles to the shore, almost covering the full width of the water.

This enabled her make a full turn (ready to go the following day) and when she was sideways on she inched (if that’s the right word for such a giantess) her way towards the berth and a few minutes later she was right there, the ropes all tied up and the walkways being lined up.

Cobh has quite a few attractions including the Heritage Centre, Spike Island, Harbours cruises and the cathedral. And on some liner visits, you will have music and entertainment and also some food stalls. It was lunchtime when we arrived so we helped ourselves to a gorgeous piece of meat from the pig on the spit. The tender juicy meat, a selection of sauces and the bap, cost a fiver.

The liners are quite a sight – they do vary in size of course - and it is well worthwhile making a visit to Cobh when one is due there. The full schedule for this summer is here http://www.portofcork.ie/index.cfm/page/cruiseschedule2010