Cobh Blues Festival 2011

Cobh Blues Festival 2011

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"Nothing like the blues.
Laugh until you cry.
Could have sworn the sky was blue.”

Harry Manx is singing the blues on the iPod this morning but yesterday we had them live in Cobh and yes the sun was shining, the sky blue as the blues were played on the promenade. No guarantee of sun today but the blues continue. Check it out here.

Cobh was looking well in the sunshine as a record played over the speakers. While the Karl Long led group prepared, we took a stroll to the east, to “exotic” places such as The Preacher’s Steps, The Holy Ground and The Bench. Cobh, of course, has many more attractions, now including a Spike Island visit.

Back then to the promenade to let the music soak in with the sunshine. For those of you long in the tooth, Karl is son of Don Long who played with the Capitol Showband and Karl’s son now plays with him in Cobh.

Rory Gallagher songs featured and that brought memories back to me of the Cobh Regatta night in the early sixties when I saw Rory perform in the now boarded up St Coleman’s Hall with a showband called the Fontana.

Time then for a drink and headed into the nearby Kelly’s Bar where I supped an exquisite pint of Murphy’s as the Brittany Ferries Pont Aven slipped by past the open door. Could have sworn the sky was blue!


  1. How was the show with Rory and the Impact. Can you describe it in detail? There's not much written about his time in the showband. -- Milo

  2. Sorry Milo, didn't spot comment until now. Remember virtually nothing about the band (Fontana, not Impact). We were talent spotting and the focus wasn't on the band!

  3. Hello Billy, many thanks for the mention.
    We had a Rory Gallagher Tribute night in June to celebrate his anniversary, and a great night we had.
    Pat O'Mahoney, (first cousin to Rory) made a presentation to Paul O'Halloran (proprietor of Ryan's Bar) of a framed photo taken in the 70's with himself , his brother Jimmy, sister Irene, and Rory. He told us how Rory in his youth, came to stay with his cousins every summer when they lived in West Beach Cobh. The family and Rory,s mother would visit Ryan's when they went out for a jar, hence the presentation.
    He told us about Rory's first ever gig in The Atlantic Ballroom Cobh, ( became a cinema in The Baths, now demolished ). Pat also got up and played drums with us on 3 numbers.
    I hope to see you again in September for the next Blues Festival.
    Cheers, Karl Long.
    Rory joins The Fontana Showband. The line-up is: leader Bernie Tobin on Trombone; his brother Oliver on Bass; Rory on Lead Guitar; John Lehan on Saxophone; Eamon O'Sullivan on Drums; and Declan O'Keefe on Rhythm Guitar


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