29.05.11 Roscoff-Moissac (1250kms)
View from hotel. More pics here

Up early on a dull morning. The sun came out as we drove the 800 plus kilometre stretch to
Moissac and to the hotel Moulin de Moissac, a gorgeous old riverside hotel.  Our room overlooked the river Tarn. In a park on the bank, an unlikely country and western festival was taking place with Ghost Riders in the Sky welcoming the western clad visitors. A nearby canal, Canal de Deux Mers (?), was full of boats.
Had booked dinner in the hotel, not realising it was French Mothers Day. We had a special menu for the event and again hit the jackpot. We had a choice of three dishes for each course and these are what I choose. Absolutely no regrets – really classy food.
Asparagus in light crispy pastry with Morille mushrooms.
Medallion of fried veal with creamed artichoke cream and black truffle.
Raspberry Clafoutis with a raspberry sorbet.
The wine was a George Deboeuf Brouilly, the wine for any meal according to it publicists. Don’t know about that but sure went well with this one and we finished it out on the terrace as the country music faded for the night.

Motorway tips:
Driving down to Bordeaux from Roscoff, you could well be ready for a stop when you reach Aire du Rennes, about the only decent motorway station on this section. It is about 13 kms west of Rennes. Once you go past Rennes, and more so, after passing Nantes, you are well supplied with very good stations;  one of the best is the Aire de Vendee.
If you follow my route to the sun and turn east at Bordeaux, one to watch out for is the Station Carrefour Aire du Mas D’Agenais on autoroute A62. It is close to Agen.