Upstairs in the Crawford Art Gallery, in a room adjacent to their current major exhibition (Altered Images), there is a collection of watercolours.

It is quite a varied collection. There is some relatively modern stuff, including a painting of St Remy de Provence by Evie Hone, but much of it contains various scenes of Cork as it used to be.

Some of these are very interesting even if it is just to compare the then and the now.  There is a small series recording the building of the various viaducts on the Cork-Mallow Railway and also a painting of a rather stumpy Blackrock Castle where the people are greeting the returning Lord Mayor who has just cast the traditional dart into the waters of the harbour.

A few months back, I followed the South Parish walk and the leaflet pointed out a blocked “bridge” on French’s Quay between South Gate Bridge and the cathedral (in photo). But a painting here shows that bridge open and the Lee flowing along in front of St Finn Barre’s with an intact Elizabeth Fort also very much in the view.
Many more like that there and certainly worth a visit if you have a few minutes to spare when in the city centre.