Pat "The Picket" Allen Exhibition

Camden Palace Hotel, in conjunction with Sirius Arts Centre, Presents: 

Pat "The Picket" Allen Exhibition
featuring the photography of Doug DuBois
Opening 7PM, 2nd February 2011 and running until 25th February

Pat Allen was a very special part of Cork City. Arriving at protests in outlandish costumes, he became well known in the city for illustrating in a special way the uniqueness of this creative city.

The exhibition is a celebration of the life and times of Pat Allen (1953-2010). It will feature studio photographs of Pat in various costumes as taken this past summer by NY portrait photographer Doug DuBois.

Pat's numerous costumes and other effects will be on display as well as a collection of photos and press clippings collected from Pats friends and protesting allies. To this end, we invite these people to submit any photos, press clippings, artwork, etc. they may have of Pat for possible inclusion in the exhibition. Any submissions can be brought to the 1st floor office in Camden Palace Hotel before the end of January (we will still take submissions during the exhibition as well).

Please come out at 7PM 2nd of February to celebrate the life of Corks' most famous and colourful protester, Pat "The Picket" Allen.