The Counting House


Had a look at the Heineken and Bam plans for the much talked about Brewery Quarter which is to be built on the four acres of the former Beamish and Crawford Brewery.

Must say I was quite impressed. If you want to have a look yourself, go along to the old Counting House (which is to be preserved in the proposed plan) and see the information and plans for yourself. If you have any questions or requests for further information then the very helpful receptionist will help you out.

There are three main planks in the proposal: a 6,000 seat event centre, a "brewing experience" visitor centre (based in and around the Counting House, and also a mixed area to include student accommodation, artist units, shops and restaurants.

Even when brewing was conducted on the site (until 2009), the area wasn’t visually appealing. We all know what happens to derelict sites. Something needs to be done and done fast. 

There are already differences of opinion on the Brewery Quarter plans. Let us get them aired locally and get something in place before the rust and the weeds take over. I rather like what I saw today but then I haven’t seen the other side of the argument.