Part IV - Roman Holiday 25-28 Jun 08

Just to let you know that we got back safely from Italy. We enjoyed it very much, not least because of your good company. Some pictures are available at . These are thumbnails - if you want a bigger file, let me know. Also, if you want me to take out any particular picture or email, let me know.
Billy & Clare
Hi,Thanks for the great pictures. You were quick; haven't seen any of ours yet. We had a long trip home but no problems. I had such a wonderful time and really enjoyed our group. I am playing catch-up and getting ready for the Fourth of July.
Thanks again for the pictures.
Ciao i miei amici!
Georgia & I made it back safely too! After literally running for our connection in Frankfurt, we made it! However, my big suitcase somehow found its way to San Francisco.... 48 hours later, it was home sweet home. Lufthansa was awesome in tracking it. Heaven forbid I wouldn't see my shoes again - YIKES!
We have since somewhat recovered - need some detoxing from the vino, and you know, the wine here just doesn't taste the same as it was in Italia.... maybe you can help us, Trevor. We're a hop, skip and a jump over to Buffalo!
We had a fabulous trip! and having such a great group to be with made it all that much sweeter. Since it was our first 'bus tour', we weren't sure what to really expect, but we were pleasantly surprised by the organization, people, tours, food, vino, comfort on the bus and in the hotels, etc. So much to take in! We'll certainly do itagain...
Annelies and Paolo - you two were totally amazing - I can't say enough, really. To change our Tuesday and Wednesday tours to ensure we were on Lake Como in the beautiful sunshine and calm waters was above and beyond to us - you have some connections! You made it truly special for us.
Sorry about the 'straddle', Paolo - Georgia keeps reminding me of this, hope you weren't too upset...I'll figure out how to put my pics on like you did, Billy - you have some great shots!Have a great summer, and thanks again for your company!
Vedali presto!
Karen & Georgia
Well the ladies from Florida arrived safely, but were in a very cramped AirBus on the first leg of our journey: nine plus hours from Rome toPhiladelphia. Half of the ladies were in the middle bulkhead seats andliterally froze all the way back to the states!
But we have all recoveredand Miss Jan is feeling better after some good ole American drugs injectionsinto her area of pain! We are all having gelato withdrawal pains!!!! Eachof us worshipped our ice makers and air conditioners when we got home!!!
It was a pleasure to get to know all of you!
Kathy McSheehy
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Ciao a tutti!
Arrived home a few days ago and yes, Australia is still here at the bottom of the world but we do have the Pope here now too so we had good travelling company!
If you missed out on seeing Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast on this trip to Italy-try to include it next time-beautiful if somewhat crowded! Annalies you were right, the Blue Grotto is overrated (and overpriced!!!)
We had a great few days staying in Sorrento and then went on to Berlin. Interesting place but we found it a bit sterile. Very interesting historically but visually bland-due to the new buildings since the war.
We had a day in Helsinki which turned into two days as our flight to Hong Kong was cancelled after a 5 hour wait! We ended up being rerouted through Heathrow to HK which meant we forfeited our couple of days shopping and sat at the airport for 7hours!!
Billy your photos are great! We are still sifting through 600-700 of ours! Kathy have some good gondola shots I'll try to email them to you!Very cool down here (can't say cold as our winters are mild compared to North America!) so we are back into sweaters and the heating is on!
Thanks to you all for the great company and great memories we have of our trip to Italy. We will definately be travelling Insight again-we'll let you all know so you can join us-but only if Annalies will be Tour Guide!
Stay well-we'd love to hear from you and bless his cotton-pickin' little heart!
Lesley and David
Hello everyone,We had a wonderful time on the tour and I have finally gotten around to organizing and posting some of my photos from the trip. I took a lot of pictures, so I will not post them all. I have them on a site called Flickr. Here is the web address: . Just copy the address and paste it into your browser and you should find it. All the pictures will be in a "set" called Italy. I plan to do a litttle at a time. If you want to join Flickr, its free to do, but you don't have to in order to see our pictures.
Barb & Jim Patch
I think I have finally posted pictures from the entire tour. Rome and Pompeii have and our final dinner in Rome have been posted. The link to the set is: Hope you enjoy it.Barb
Thanks so much.
The pictures are great. Hope your are doing well. It was great traveling with you and getting to know to know everyone.
Paula Horton
Naples Arch. Museum - Pompeii model

Farewell to Rome



Spanish Steps

St Peter's


Vatican Museum


Pompeii street crossing (steps)

Pompeii forum






Eating and Drinking in Italy (during this tour), photos and reviews, available at


  1. very nice pics of Rome! if others will be inspired by them and want to plan a trip to the eternal city I suggest to look into vacation rentals in rome to find an accommodation.


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