Back to Italy this morning, to Cannobio in particular for its Sunday market (photo) on the banks of Maggiore. Euros fly out of the wallet as we buy leather goods including, ironically, a new wallet.

SM says you have to bargain here. I finger a belt at a stall and a woman leans over and whispers: “Peeton! It is Peeton. Fifty euro.” I smile (best smile on the coach, I was told on the last night) and say Ciao Bella. She replies: “Thirty euro for you.” Deal done and I walk off with my python skin belt.

We also buy lunch: some beautiful black cherries, foccacio sandwiches (Cheese and salad) and a bottle of Pinot Grigio (€9.80).

On the way back to Lugano, we make a stop and stroll around a Swiss mini-world (photo), though the star exhibit is Milan cathedral (a walk through version).

Back to the hotel then where we enjoy our bought lunch on the balcony, overlooking Lake Lugano. The Pinot Grigio, from the Trentino region, is absolutely lovely, tarty and sparkly. Must see if we can get something similar in Ireland.

The Pinot is sadly finished so time now for a stroll through the lakeside trees, past the fountains (photo), to the park at the other end of town.

Walked to a nearby Pizzeria (improbably named Cecil’s) for our evening meal. Learning from the previous evening, we skip the starter and go straight for the main course. Each of us gets a pizza but Clare gets a surprise as her one is doubled over, with a huge mound in the middle. She hasn't had a Calzone before!

However, with the aid of a carafe of local Merlot, both are polished off, leaving ample room for dessert. We leave the normal ice cream menu aside and, picking from the main menu, order pineapple and Kirsch and get plenty of each. It makes a pleasant and unusual end to the meal.