Down to the “flat” today, via nearby Visp (hometown of FIFA’s Blatter). First stop is on the Simplon Pass. Photos taken here include the Stone Eagle (below, commemorating the Swiss soldiers who guarded the pass during the Second World War) and cattle being driven up to the higher meadows (alm).

Main lunchtime call was to Lago Maggiore (above) in Italy. Lake is 40 plus miles long and five wide. Very scenic – loads of photos, including a few of newly married couple (above).

Only bum note here was a salty unsatisfactory beef sandwich at a recommended Irish pub in Stressa. Draught Harp lager didn't taste much good either. Should have done our own thing.

Then on to Lugano but, first, a traffic jam in Varese had to be endured. It was a longish day in the bus. Coming close to Lugano, we made a stop to buy chocolate at a factory outlet.

The Eden is a five star luxury Hotel, including an expensive lakeside dining area. We head up the street to Pizzeria Mary (another of SM’s recommendations). For 64 Euro, we get a bottle of water, a 50cl carafe of house white, 2 salads, 2 big pizzas, 2 “custard” cakes and 2 coffees. All very enjoyable.

Walked back down the lakeside, met and sat with a US couple (M and C) from the tour as a local band played on the quay. Then walked back to hotel with T and C.