Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Camden FORT Meagher

Camden FORT Meagher
A superb visit on Cork's doorstep!
Thanks to the amazing volunteers.
Rescue Camden is a community backed team of amazing volunteers, staff, scheme workers, apprentices supported by project partners. Formed in 2010 to help, in partnership with Cork County Council and with huge commitment from FAS, the 'Major Clean Up' of Camden Fort Meagher,Crosshaven, Cork Harbour. The initial aim to get the Fort to a position where it's facilities could be used for the betterment of the community and beyond have been achieved in some style, Going from 21 years of overgrowth and closure to welcoming on average 1000 visitors each open weekend... read more


6th July – 15th September 2013
Saturdays and Sundays (12:00 – 17:00)
Lots of exhibitions in the various rooms near the entrance,
some permanent, some temporary. One of the
newest ones is the British Room
featuring many artefacts including
the Brennan torpedo and the Lee Enfield gun.

The leather strips on the floor, now "petrified", were part
of the safety precautions used to lessen the danger
in the magazine (where munitions and gunpowder were stored).
 The room is being restored and may well
be used for concerts. Rapid access to the underground
storage facility was via the Spiral Staircase (below)

The Bright Tunnel descends 160 feet
 from the top of the fort to the bottom.

There are great views of harbour activity from the
Tea Room decking where you may enjoy a cuppa and a pastry.
 Try and time your visit to coincide
with a liner coming or going to Cobh or perhaps
with the Saturday afternoon departure of the
Brittany Ferry ship Pont Aven.
Wave to your friends as they sail out!

More on the Tea Rooms 
and indeed info on other lovely Irish tea rooms

Monday, 29 July 2013


Úna Ní Shé's Azure Pot
An exhibition by members of Cork Textiles Network
CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery
31st July - 10th August 2013.
Opening reception: 6pm Saturday August 3rd by Guest Speaker Ann Mulrooney, Manager and Curator at National Craft Gallery Ireland.


An exhibition of textiles made in response to the collection of the Cork City Museum, Fitzgerald Park, Cork City.

Founded in 1998, the Cork Textiles Network was formed to bring together people who share a common love of textiles, craft and design.

Members of the group come from a variety of backgrounds, both contemporary and traditional, across a broad selection of techniques and skills.
The show presents projects created by members of the Cork Textiles Network, using a variety of textile media including patchwork, print, stitch, appliqué, felt, embroidery, lace and mixed media.
Participating Artists

Allie Kay
Amanda Hogan
Christina Jamin Roser
Hilda de Lacy
Karin Kempf
Treasa O’Malley
Úna Ní Shé
Anne Kiely
Lesley Stothers
Carmer Creaner
Kathy Mooney
Helen O’ Shea
Victoria Tammage
Mary Palmer

Opening Times:  WednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday 10am-6pm
P: 021-4335210

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Enterprise: Three to Watch

Three to Watch
Anna Chisnall

Not quite my beat but still quite happy to tell you about three quality entrepreneurs that I’ve met over the past few months. Each, in its own way, is doing good things, each providing an excellent service.

I “met” Anna Chisnall via one of my photographs which she is now using as a background on her website. It features her first jewellery collection: the lovely Aran Stitch collection.

The Aran Stitch, her first formal collection, has been inspired by her love of the traditional stitches used in Aran knitting patterns which are now so popular across the world. “I learned to knit when I was five – I recall my first real project was a pair of white bootees made as a gift for my neighbour’s new baby. I have always been fascinated by the different stitches and textures of wool and yarn, and it was while holidaying in the West of Ireland as a teenager, I became fascinated by the traditional Aran sweater, and the amount of hours it takes to knit one by hand.”

Take a look at the collection and, like me, I’m sure you’ll be fascinated as well. Dublin born Anna enjoyed a long career, in radio and television.”It was while my three boys were young that I began taking jewellery making classes in silver and gold, one evening a week. I began making pieces for friends for special occasions, and pieces on commission, and later took a number of stalls at local fairs.”

Know Thy Place
Louise Baker, a professional archaeologist for 15 years, explains all about Know Thy Place in this video. Know Thy Place  gives you the opportunity to understand where you live - or where your ancestors were from - in a completely new way, providing you with a beautiful chart to display in your home or workplace. They offer personalised archaeological research to everyone, giving you a fresh outlook on your Irish Heritage.

You can order a Prestige Chart which is then researched and created, a chart focused on a location specified by you. They can research to town or townland level or even to a farm. Townlands are an integral part of the Irish land division system and every address in Ireland belongs to a specific townland. Each chart is individually researched, and will carry your personal or family name on the chart as requested by you. Wouldn’t that be an unusual present for a relation, at home or aboard?

Soap cakes!
Mianra Soaps

I first met Hajni Kele, the lady who makes the fabulous range of Mianra Soaps,  at a Craft Show in Cornmarket Street last year. More recently, I saw a brilliant display of her work at The Pavilion between Cork Airport and Ballygarvan.

The soaps are eye catching, coming in many shapes and sizes, often looking too good to use, such as a “cup cake” display that they had in the Pavilion.  But they are good to use, very good. We regularly bring back soaps from France, especially from Provence, and I reckon Mianra is as good, indeed better than any of our limited imports!

Hajni is based in Carrigaline and has been making soap since 2002. “All our soaps are handmade in small batches using high quality oils and butters and using the traditional cold press method”. They are enriched with natural elements, including Wild Harvested Seaweed and Honey, and they contain no preservatives making them “suitable for the most sensitive skin”.

Well worth a try. Lovely to look at, gorgeous to smell and great to use. 

Monday, 22 July 2013

Street Performance World Championship Cork 2013

 Laya Healthcare Street Performance World Championship Cork 2013

Over the weekend, the Laya Healthcare Street Performance World Championship brought the world's best street performers to Cork's St. Patrick's Street to compete for the world champion title. Here are a few photos from the very enjoyable acts.

The 2012 championships here

The 2012 championships here

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Fort Camden reopens this Saturday

Fort Camden reopens this Saturday
Roches Point as seen from Camden

FortCamden , looking well after a winter and spring of hard work by the volunteers, reopens this coming Saturday July 6th. And, just a few days later, on July 11th, will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the handover of the fort by British forces. The Irish army and navy, along with retired units of the defence forces that have trained at the fort, will attend as will Minister Simon Coveney, himself once a volunteer at Camden.

The anniversary is an all ticket affair but no tickets are required to visit on the open days which are every Saturday and Sunday between next weekend and September 15th (from 12 noon until 5.00pm). Admission is four euro per adult and there are other rates including a family ticket and a season ticket. Check them out on their Facebook page

It is a tremendous visit. You have some 45 acres to explore and some 65 per cent of the facility is underground, accessible by tunnels. Occasionally, it is home to Military shows and re-enactments and exhibitions and there are marvellous views over Cork Harbour. There is a cafe onsite so that you can take a break from the exploring.

I usually get down once a year and can say it is a very enjoyable and very interesting day out. This was my first visit in 2011 when the highlight was the Bright Tunnel. A newly opened spiral tunnel, down to the magazine, was the highlight in 2012 

What will be the surprise for 2013?