Camden FORT Meagher

Camden FORT Meagher
A superb visit on Cork's doorstep!
Thanks to the amazing volunteers.
Rescue Camden is a community backed team of amazing volunteers, staff, scheme workers, apprentices supported by project partners. Formed in 2010 to help, in partnership with Cork County Council and with huge commitment from FAS, the 'Major Clean Up' of Camden Fort Meagher,Crosshaven, Cork Harbour. The initial aim to get the Fort to a position where it's facilities could be used for the betterment of the community and beyond have been achieved in some style, Going from 21 years of overgrowth and closure to welcoming on average 1000 visitors each open weekend... read more


6th July – 15th September 2013
Saturdays and Sundays (12:00 – 17:00)
Lots of exhibitions in the various rooms near the entrance,
some permanent, some temporary. One of the
newest ones is the British Room
featuring many artefacts including
the Brennan torpedo and the Lee Enfield gun.

The leather strips on the floor, now "petrified", were part
of the safety precautions used to lessen the danger
in the magazine (where munitions and gunpowder were stored).
 The room is being restored and may well
be used for concerts. Rapid access to the underground
storage facility was via the Spiral Staircase (below)

The Bright Tunnel descends 160 feet
 from the top of the fort to the bottom.

There are great views of harbour activity from the
Tea Room decking where you may enjoy a cuppa and a pastry.
 Try and time your visit to coincide
with a liner coming or going to Cobh or perhaps
with the Saturday afternoon departure of the
Brittany Ferry ship Pont Aven.
Wave to your friends as they sail out!

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