Cork City from the County Hall

Cork City from the County Hall

While at a recent function in Vertigo, on the 17th (and top) floor of the County Hall, I took a few photos through the glass.

The Lee (north channel) flows past the Mardyke Sports Complex

Victoria Cross with the Mardyke Sports Complex to the left

Victoria Cross, with the Elysian and St Fin Barre's in the background

Victoria Cross area again, with lots of student accommodation

Victoria Cross towards Dennehy's Cross, the connecting road mostly hidden

The Carrigrohane (straight) Road, the Lee (before it divides) and the defunct Our Lady's Hospital. Part of the Kingsley Hotel is bottom right.

The Lee, part of Lee Fields, and OLH.

Straight, isn't it?

The weir on the Lee, with part of the Kingsley (bottom right)

The Shaky Bridge, bottom left, takes you from the Mardyke fields to Sunday's Well on the left. In the middle distance, you might just make out North Cathedral and Shandon. Beyond are the CBS playing fields and Collins Barracks. In the upper right section, St Luke's and St Patricks, along with the Trinity, are visible and off to the right are the slopes of Montenotte. 

Five o'clock and the traffic is building up at Victoria Cross