Why not take a trip to Fota Gardens?

Why not take a trip to Fota Gardens?
House and Gardens tours Saturday next, Heritage Day.
Special tour next Wednesday.
The Italian Garden
I was in Fota yesterday (Wednesday 20.08.14) and might well be there again next Wednesday as they have a free Guided Tour of the Gardens and Arboretum starting at 2.00pm. It is all part of National Heritage Week and I'd highly recommended it. It is a lovely spot.

All in the walled gardens

You may, of course, visit Fota Gardens and Arboretum any day of the week, as I do from time to time. But last Wednesday was the first time I saw the fantastic restoration work that has been carried out on the Victorian Glasshouses, a large chunk of local heritage saved.
Indeed, the house itself and the gardens will be open on Saturday coming, Heritage Day. You may need to book in advance and the info is here.