Saleen Creek and East Ferry

Saleen Creek and East Ferry
High and dry
In East Cork, there is a lovely walk (or drive). Take the Whitegate road from Midleton and drive to the village of Saleen, turn right through the village and then take the left at the fork. This takes you down to the water, to Saleen Creek. Now, you may park and walk into history (see below). Aside from the ruins, you will, as you progress, see much of this part of the harbour, probably better when the tide is in but enjoyable at any time.
There is little enough traffic here. I was there on the August Bank Holiday Monday, met a few cars and a few walkers. The only noise was coming from an automatic bird scarer in crop fields nearby, not that it was causing any problems for the flocks of crows who came and went at their own pace. After a few miles, you'll come to East Ferry itself where, once upon a time, a ferry ran between here and the Cobh side, also called East Ferry.
At this stage, particularly if you've walked, you deserve refreshment. And Murph's have just that. We certainly called there and enjoyed a lovely lunch,details here.
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ESB Aghada

Mussel farm in Saleen Creek

Wreck in the mud of the creek