Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Lough Hyne. Beautiful. And Rare

Lough Hyne. Beautiful. And Rare

"Lough Hyne, Ireland's first Marine Nature Reserve, nestles in a fold of hills 5 km south west of Skibbereen in West Cork. This marine lake is fed from the sea by a narrow tidal channel known as 'The Rapids'.

This unique lake and its surrounds are home to a rich and varied range of plants and animals, including many rare and beautiful species. Since it was ‘discovered’ by marine biologists in 1886, scientists have carried out pioneering research in experimental ecology. Their continued research into the factors governing the distributions of marine animals and plants make Lough Hyne one of the most- studied marine sites of Europe".
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A shoal of small fish swim in the clear waters.

I visited here on a glorious day last week. For details of a previous visit, including the walk that takes you to magnificent viewing point over the lake and the coast see here.

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