The Gearagh revisited

The Gearagh Revisited
This morning, took another walk around the Gearagh. Had first visited last January and the water levels are now higher, thanks to our wet summer. Very enjoyable walk though. Loved the fresh air and the unusual scenery of this national treasure, not that the nation knows much about it. Much the same could be said about the Inchigeela lakes that I also visited this morning as some 100 vintage cars rolled by. Are the crafty locals keeping these lovely places for themselves?
Water levels much higher than they were in January!

Rusty. Looking for someone to play with, maybe throw a stick.

Wild flowers

Not very playful looking

Inviting walks

Wild flowers, taken on "Butterfly Island" on the Gearagh.


  1. Another Irish hidden gem! Lovely! I especially your photo of the dog :-) Just makes you want to throw a stick for him!


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