Sunshine in The Vee. Grubb and Grub

Sunshine in The Vee
Grubb and Grub

When the sun shines in Ireland this year, you’ve got to hit the road (unless of course you are working!). It shone strongly last Friday and I headed for The Vee, a beautiful place that I hadn’t visited in quite a while.

Many of you have been there but just in case you haven’t: from Cork City, head for Mitchelstown, then follow the signs for Ballyporeen and next Clogheen and you’re almost there. The last two villages are in Tipperary and they looked well last Friday as did the many neatly kept roadside houses in between. Lovely drive.

After Clogheen, the road rises into the Knockmealdown mountains and when you come to a very sharp turn up there you are on the Vee. Some say the name comes from the turn, others that it comes from the V shaped gap in the mountains (which were there before the road).

There are some terrific views up here, especially over the Golden Vale. And, if you’ve brought decent footwear you may climb up further up on the Sugar Loaf, the name of the mountain here. Just a short walk up and your view improves.

Even better, up by the grave of Samuel Grubb (photo). The grave has been there since 1921 and there is an account of the burial here.  I heard or read somewhere that he was buried in an upright position, the better to take in the view, but cannot recall the source. Maybe it is just a tall tale.

Another distinguishing feature in the area is the lake called Bay Lough which is a little further on and at the opposite side of the road. It has a large enough car park and you may walk down to to the water. Quite a few cars were parked there the other day with many of their occupants admiring (well, at least looking at) a number of brightly branded sheep grazing nearby.

After the Vee, you will come to a Y in the road. If you go left, you are heading for Cappoquinn and will be passing Mount Melleray. We were heading for food in Lismore (O’Brien Chop House, highly recommended) so took to the right. Next time though, Melleray will be on a agenda.
Just in case you haven't been, there is much to see and do in Lismore itself.