Camden Fort Meagher

Camden Fort Meagher
What do I like about Camden Fort Meagher, now re-opened for the summer. Let us start with the views. Even on a dull day, they are superb. Yachts race out on the ocean beyond Roche's Point (top) while a big cruise liner is berthed at Cobh.

You also have the exhibitions: "old" ones, such as Julia Pallone's Inner Sea (top right and centre, a favourite of mine) and "new" like Ground Zero 360 degrees (bottom). Today also, I saw "Fort Meagher, the Irish Story"; an Exhibition by the Society of Cork Potters, and more.

And then you have the place itself, much of it yet to be reclaimed and made safe for visitors. But much progress has been made since last season. Highlight is the opening up of the spiral staircase (top left) from the underground magazine room. The long "bright" tunnel (bottom right) is still there to be explored.

All this for four euro. And yes there is something else I must mention. The volunteers. They have done so much restoration work over the winter and spring and still they are here, all of them (from 17 to 75) waiting to greet you, inform you and show you the place. Please, don't keep them waiting! For more information, please click here