Newcomers at Fota Wildlife Park

Black Howlers (l to r): Mo, Jamie and Pedro


Madagascar Pochard 
 Fota Wildlife Park
Popped down to Fota Wildlife Park   the other day and took a few (?) photos, as usual. Also had my own photo taken. On the way in. They loaded it into the system and, in future I won't have to sign in, just smile.

Met some newcomers, including the Red Panda named Bonnie. She has been brought in to hopefully match up with the widower Pete.

They have the example of the Black Howler pair, Mo and Pedro, who have a new baby Jamie to take care of. By the way, the male is the white one.

Did you see the colourful duck with the relatively big head? The Madagascar Pochard is, as far as I am aware, a fairly recent arrival. In any event, it is extremely rare.