Ballycotton Cliff Walk

Headed off last Saturday afternoon, a rather showery one, to take a walk along the Ballycotton Cliff Trail. Despite the threat in the top picture (which didn't hit the land), I managed to dodge the showers. Had some waterproofs, just in case. This is a lovely walk and you can see more photos, in glorious colour, here
The start is at the western end of the village. The path, not suitable for buggies, is hard packed earth for much of the way; there are flat stones and slabs in a few areas and even a small wooden bridge to help you get past one of the few tiny streams you pass on the way. Sometimes the path skirts the farmers' fields but the way ahead is always clear.
I kept walking for about fifty minutes (including photo time). I passed a sandy beach, with lots of rocks, called Ballytrasna and then reached what I think is Spine Kop (?). This juts out into the sea and gives excellent views, including one back to Ballycotton Island and the lighthouse which now looks quite small in the distance.
At that point, with a darkish cloud looming from the west, I decided to head back. Thought I was in for a soaking but, though a few heavy drops fell as I neared the car park, the threat never materialised.
For further info, use google. Indeed, I found a pretty informative piece, via google, here