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This is the strange landscape of the Gearagh, a few miles from Macroom, and often passed by motorists on their way to West Cork via Inchigeela. I was in the area last Friday, staying at the excellent 4 star Castle Hotel in the Main Street of Macroom, and took the opportunity to walk across the Gearagh. The car park, on the Macroom-Inchigeela road, is a bit on the small side. The walk, the sun came out to accompany us, through the amazing landscape is easy, even if there were some muddy patches last Friday. It is a walk that changes through the seasons: the water levels rise and fall, the flowers come and go as do the birds. It is a rare and precious place, worthy of more than one visit, so I made a promise to myself to return, again and again. I took a shot of a noticeboard in the carpark and it gives you a very brief history of the place, a place that is one outstanding reason for a stay in the friendly town of Macroom.
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