01.06.11 St Remy de Provence – Chateau d’Estoublon-The Mistral

St Remy de Provence – Chateau d’Estoublon-The Mistral
Estoublon. More pics here

Amazingly, St Remy de Provence’s www.stremy-de-provence.com Musée Estrine Centre d’Interpretation Van Gogh  has none of the famous artist’s paintings, many of which were executed in or near the town. Indeed, there are none either in Arles. Obviously, they didn’t think much of him then but have been scrambling to catch up.

In the St Remy centre, an 18th century hotel, they substitute with high quality photos of the same size as the paintings. Here you will see an 1889 self portrait, The Sower and Starry Night among many others.

Cubist Albert Gleizes (1881-1953) was another artist who spent a good deal of his life in the area and there is a permanent display in his honour; quite a good one also. We also enjoyed a large show by Lucio Fabti, known for his work as a painter and in the theatre.
We had a smashing lunch in a small place in rue de Chateau, a magnificent dish of tender roast veal with vegetables and a salad, a huge plateful for €12.00.

On the way out of town, called to Glanum, a Greco-Roman town or at least its remains. Highlights are a 10BC triumphal arch, celebrating Caesar’s conquest of the Greeks and Gauls, and a mausoleum dating from about 30BC.

We had some time to spare as we approached our base at Fontvieille and took the chance to visit Chateau d’Estoublon, mentioned in the Michelin Wine Regions of France Green Guide. Sells its own wines along with some fine foods, fashion and furniture. There is no admission charge and you will see some inviting items on the shelves. We helped ourselves to a box of Callissons, some of the famous nougat from Montelimar and also a bottle of the Chateau’s 2010 Rose (€12.00).
Needed something to go with the wine, so we headed for a local traiteur and purchased calamari in a Provencal sauce. Dining in tonight! How bad. Worked an appetite by strolling through the rice fields, adjacent to the house and part of the 320 acre estate here.
The Mistral wind blew hard today, causing a big drop in the temperatures, down to about 15 during the morning. It was also very cloudy at that point but cleared up and warmed up as the afternoon wore on. No wonder the houses here are so well secured with shutters and other tried and trusted methods. Nice to experience the famous Provencal wind but hope it doesn’t last too long!

The market was winding down as we came out of the Van Gogh display and the Mistral was causing problems. A few loose boxes were scattered and one stall was shifted a few feet.