Bardot Bites & Lucy Bastible.

TooDog Theatre Company Presents: Bardot Bites & Lucy Bastible
Time   Saturday, April 16th· 8:00pm-11:00pm 

Cork Arts Theatre, Camden Court, Carrolls Quay, Cork

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TooDog Theatre Co. are offering a wonderful evening’s entertainment with two hilariously funny one-act plays. This production directed by Cork based Mary Curtin, is on a national tour and has met with considerable critical acclaim. It has been described as ‘great fun, lively, fast moving, fearless.’ 

The first play in the double bill, Bardot Bites centres on 45 year old Bid who has led a sheltered life looking after her ailing mother. On her mother’s death Bid is manipulated into the world of work by her older sister ‘Francine The Beauty Queen’ who epitomes the sister from hell and is a super b***ch of unparalleled proportions! In her new career on the Cheese Counter of the local Deli Bid meets twenty-one year old cousins Leandra and Leonie, both man mad and experienced hands in the dating and relationship game. Under their none too gentle tutelage Bid makes her first tentative and fiercely funny forays into the world of men and romance and in the process succeeds in teaching Francine a long overdue   lesson. As one critic said ‘the audience loved Bid’ and there is no doubt you will too!

If you were a woman of consequence, a doyenne of your social set, a snob from your fingertips to your toes, just how would you deal with a straying husband? In the second play, the darkly comic Lucy Bastible we enter the world and crumbling psyche of the privileged Lucy whose husband Jeremy succumbs to the youthful charms of the ‘impudent, predatory, puerile’ Patrice. Lucy,(described by one critic as ‘larger than life and highly comedic’) is not a woman to bear this betrayal lying down and she plots and executes a truly terrible vengeance on the errant Jeremy !

Tickets €15/12 conc. Show at 8pm.
For bookings call 021 4505624