upcoming exhibition

Feb 1st - 12th

Student of the Year Exhibition
Pam Carroll & Áine Maher
Each year the Cork Art Society and Lavit Gallery nominate a graduating student from the Crawford College of Art and Design, as Student of the Year. This prize takes the form of an exhibition at the gallery, from which no commission is taken on sales and a small cash prize sponsored by Parfrey Murphy & Co. Chartered Accountants. Last June, it was decided to jointly award this prize to Pam Carroll and Áine Maher.

Pam Carroll's sculptural work explores the human conscience through a range of materials and found objects. In her recent degree show use was made of materials as diverse as lead, wire, minx fur, latex and pigment, You can sense that presentation is vital to the artist, in this clean and deliberate work.

Although the work of Áine Maher is lens based, it engages in a formal and painterly language and is also combined with 3D elements. Light, line and plane are used to impart space and the 3d elements accentuate the form. She describes her work as aspiring to rouse contemplative solitude. In a review of her Degree show, Aidan Dunne marked her out for special attention - sayingif the phrase 'the poetics of space' didn't exist, one would have to invent it to describe her work, which is exceptionally well-judged, subtle and persuasive.