Straight after breakfast, we board the Glacier Express (photo) at the local St Moritz station (1775m).

The first half of our 4 hour plus journey takes us downhill to Chur (585m). After that, it is uphill to Disentis (1130m, Romanch speaking). A change of rail company now and also a change of engine type to cog wheel. The train continues upwards to Oberalp Pass (2033m) and then zigzags down to Andermatt (our get off stop).

Through the ample panoramic windows, we see snow covered maintain tops, waterfalls, the Rhine river in its early stages and other Alpine scenery (including Heidi type countryside).

We bring sandwiches on board but they do serve food and drink, though at a slow pace and, eventually, they do come back for payment. There is also a souvenir service on board and we buy a picture album type book, as it is hard to get photos because the windows don't open and are full of reflections on this fine sunny day.

The coach collects at Andermatt for a drive through the Susten Pass. We are still high in the Alps (c 2259m) and the trip is spectacular (photo). More stunning valleys and mountains, waterfalls, and glaciers as we go through and we see cattle grazing on the narrowest of mountain ledges, sheep being fed, a couple of marmots (they live above the tree line - photo above) and also quite a lot of repair and improvement activity in the high roads.

Then we descend to Interlaken (past a waterfall, associated with the “death” of Sherlock Holmes) and to the antique hotel – the Royal St Georges, where we are personally welcomed by the manager,

Our table for a fairly presentable (included) dinner in the hotel has Americans, South Africans, Australians, New Zealanders and ourselves. It is a good mix and we enjoy it – I hope you all bought those CRH shares. A carafe of local wine costs 17 SFR.