Friday, 5 November 2010



Enjoyed quite a few good nights at the old place on the Western Road but nowadays Corkonians go to the dogs in some style at the Curraheen Park Greyhound Stadium.

You don't even have to be a doggie man or woman as it is possible to have a top class meal here and do your betting on the spot, isolated from the elements and the smells and the yelping, though I’m sure some true blood doggie people would prefer to be down at the track side.

Still, the punters have spoken, and comfort and convenience, along with a whole lot of efficiency, is what we respond to in 2010. And you will find it here. A friendly welcome at the stiles and then up you go to pick out your comfortable seated viewing point, with the bar close at hand, betting points at every corner and some won’t even have to leave the seat to bet as mobile assistants are at hand.

And if you haven’t laid a bet in a long while, the process is clearly explained on the inside cover of the Race Book for the night, which comes free at the entrance.

Big screens all over the place with loads of information on the field before the race, on the betting, on the results and on the pay-outs. The racing and betting from Shelbourne Park is also covered on-screen and they even had the Liverpool European game on screen there last night.

And the night illustrated another aspect of the stadium as the progressive management here are only too willing to work with charities and clubs to enhance their funds. I was there to support the Haven meeting in aid of Haiti and it turned out to be very enjoyable.

Must admit I was a bit like some of the dogs and flattered to deceive. Make a good start with the Tote but the winnings rapidly reduced as the night went on. Probably ended up evens but the real winners on the night were Haven Haiti and well done to the volunteer fund-raisers: Deirdre, Renate, Julia, Cathy and Louise.

Address: Curraheen Road, Bishopstown.
Tel: 1890 269 969

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