Wednesday, 20 October 2010


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Combine history, exercise and fresh air as you walk on the banks of the Lee in Ballincollig’s Royal Gunpowder Mills. History is a little less accessible these days because the information centre for the Mills closed a few years back.

That section is now all closed off but you can glimpse part of it behind the wire and the greenery. Turn west here and you have quite a long walk to the Inniscarra Bridge. In truth, the single walk isn’t that long but don't forget you must also get back to your car. 

And of course you may start at either end,  in the east (by the old Gunpowder Mills tourist centre) or at the west (by the bridge). Allow at least an hour to do the round trip. See walk starting from the bridge here

Turn in by Aldi’s on the main road and then veer right down to the Powdermills. Walk through the gate facing you at the end and you are on your way. If you then take the grass path down to the right, you’ll be by the river. The path here is studded with tree roots while the main path west is much easier to walk on.

No matter which way you go, and there are a few loops and detours, you’ll pass more of the ruined buildings of the old Powdermills complex and you’ll soon get the impression that it was busy here in the 19th century. The mills once employed over 500 people.

It wasn't that busy at all this morning as I passed along the river, walked over one or two of the canals (dug for the mills). Didn't go the whole way this time but did a few weeks back. The western end is more by the river and then too you have the football pitches on your left as you head for the Inniscarra Bridge. All in all an interesting walk and you can get more info from photo below. (Click to enlarge).

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