Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Went through the smashing new entrance to Fota Wildlife Park yesterday and enjoyed a great stroll in the sun. The animals too enjoyed the extra heat and seemed to be even livelier than usual. The new entrance was hardly tested at all yesterday as the season winds down. There are also new toilets, with sinks at just the right size for the kids to wash their hands. The new café and shop also looked well and work continues around the parking areas.
Great spot for a visit. If you are a local, you should consider becoming a member. For just over the price of a couple of visits, you’ll get a pass for the full year. I find it invaluable as I vary my visit times and, without fail, see some action or animal in a situation that I haven't seen before. Quite a lot of activity yesterday morning but perhaps the highlight was the sleeping red panda baby Rua, born just about a month back.
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Monkey Islands
Ceol na Gibbon
Where do I go from here?

Balming off in the sun
Mother and child
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