Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Nelly looks & listens & never forgets


Attracted by Nelly the Elephant, a rather big girl, I made my first visit to Buckley Fine Art in historic Fenns Quay a few weeks back. Made my second visit last week and lingered in an interesting conversation with Ken Buckley.
“We are the last independent commercial gallery left in the city,” said Ken. “Our main business is with houses, hotels and restaurants and also with big public buildings. But I’d say seventy per cent or over is with the general public.”
Last November’s floods were the last thing the gallery needed but they have moved on and are working hard as all commercial units have to in these recession hit days. The big problem for art dealers is not so much the lack of cash, rather “the lack of confidence”.
The answer is to get out and work at it and Buckley are doing just that. You are welcome to go to the gallery and also their main base in Clonakilty. Don't worry if you can’t call in. They’ll call to you with a selection.

Worried about buying a painting and finding later it really doesn’t fit. Then Buckley’s also allow you to do a test run. Hang the painting at home for a few days and see how you feel about it. By the way, the Clonakilty gallery is in an actual house, with different coloured walls and furnishings, with rooms that are bright and some that are less so, and is ideal for trying out a painting for your own home.
Buckley represent a whole range of artists including the likes of Bill Griffin who had an exhibition a few months back at the Vision Centre. Perhaps the best known at the moment is “extreme “painter Phillip Gray, currently on Everest,  painting as he goes. Gray has painted underwater with sharks among the watchers and also under the live volcanoes of Iceland.
Aside from direct sales, Buckley run an interior design service and have commercial solutions for places such as hotels and number Hayfield Manor and the Castlemartyr among their clients. The interior design service is free consultation with customers to help them choose the right artist/piece of art and framing options for the space they are working on.
Have you thought of giving an artwork as a gift, for a christening, a wedding? Here, you can get beautifully hand-bound vouchers or, if the gift is painting, that will be gift-wrapped for you.
Ken sees the buying of art as being better than an investment in the stock market. “The stock market is risky and goes up and down, as we know, but a well chosen art work appreciates in value and you have the pleasure of seeing it hanging there in your house!”
And a good piece of art needn’t be overly expensive. ““We have prints starting at €80.00.” Now that’s something Nelly the Elephant won't forget this Christmas.
2 Fenns Quay, Cork
Mob: 087 9290907 and Tel: 021 4223577.
The Clonakilty address is Convent Road and the phone no: 023 8821929 (Mobile as above).

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