Tuesday, 28 September 2010



Fair play to the management of the Frank O’Connor City Library in Mayfield: they always seem willing to give an artist an chance.

Called in there the other day and found a solo show by young Silverheights artist Keith Wright and an exhibition by a local amateur group.

Some of the ladies in the amateur group were taken with the quality of Wright’s work. He had just a handful of paintings on display and most recreated actual moments from the history of the Second World War (phone pic on right gives you a rough idea).

His captions showed that quite a lot of research had gone into the scheme as, in the case of fighter planes (one shown strafing a Normandy beach), the type of plane and the pilots' names are mentioned.

There is a limited market obviously for this type of painting, though his prices (€200-300) were reasonable but, if the local ladies are right, Keith is on the way up and will be breaking the limits in the future.

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