Friday, 3 September 2010


Pools of the Imagination


Fountainstown, let’s face it, is not the prettiest of beaches. But it does have a bus service from the city and also has a large car park. It has been popular for decades and that is still the case.

There is sand enough there but on my recent visit, it was covered in seaweed. In fairness, a clean-up is scheduled. There are also a fair share of small stones there and one would have thought it possible they could be periodically cleared with a tractor and rake. Maybe it is done early in the season.

In any case there is more than enough to keep the kids going here. One of the main attractions, as it has been over the years, is the huge number of little pools left in the rocks as the tide retreats, more than enough to occupy the inquisitive children, not to mention the parents.

Oh by the way. There was a small amount of litter there but nothing major. A good clean-up of the seaweed and this great little destination, which also has a little shop and cafe, would be in great shape for what is left of the “Indian” summer.

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