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MILITARY MUSEUM at Collins Barracks

“Rain: unlike anything we know.”

That was one of the helpful hints for Irish solders leaving Collins Barracks for UN duty in the Congo in 1960/1. It would be a tough experience for the brave soldiers, the torrential rain the least of their problems.

The Congo (with displays of arrows, spears and photos) is just one of the UN campaigns touched on at the Military Museum in Collins Barracks. Missions to Cyprus, Lebanon, Somalia, Kosovo, East Timor and Liberia are also covered.

The UN missions would be an obvious target for the museum, established in 1985, but so much more is remembered here. Photos and trophies from the British Years (including the Irish contribution to the Boer War). Recruiting photos and a picture of VC winner Sergeant Cosgrove recall the Great War.

The Easter Rising figures prominently as do the Cork Lord Mayors McCurtain and McSwiney and then the Civil War. Peace then until the emergency which is remembered with lots of paraphernalia including helmets, gas masks and bikes.

Small arm weapons (mainly pistols but also a Black and tan dagger) figure prominently through the years and especially in the room dedicated to Michael Collins, for whom the Barracks is named. Also here is his letter cabinet.

Also remembered are the McSweeney family who, from 1934 to 1996, had at least one member serving here..

The Museum has an entrance at the top of Military Hill, once the old entrance to the barracks, and you have to go up a few steps to a side door and may have to press a doorbell to gain entrance. You could well be overwhelmed with the amount of items on displays but curator Jim Horgan is always on hand to help you out.

Old Youghal Road
021 4514252
Culture Night special opening: 5-8pm.
Normal hours: Mon, Wed and Fri – 10am to 1pm.
No entry fee.

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