Saturday, 11 September 2010



Came across Agri Aware at the Midleton Food Festival today.

“Agri Aware works closely with teachers and students throughout the country, both at primary and secondary school level. We raise awareness of agriculture through curriculum-linked resources. Our ethos is to entertain whilst educating, ensuring children are informed about the importance of the farming and agricultural world around them.

That’s the official blurb but it was much more down to earth in Midleton. Here, Agri Aware brought their Mobile Farm, a bunch of farm animals, to meet the kids, not just the younger generation either, I hasten to add. Ducks and hens and their young were petted and admired as were the goats and calves.

Enjoyed it myself! This Munster area Agri Aware Mobile Farm is owned and managed by Claire Stack. Claire has a degree in Food Science and comes from Midleton. To book a visit in Munster: Claire Stack - Ph: 087 – 2119863

Agri Aware

Waverley Office Park,
Old Naas Road,
Dublin 12
Phone: 01-4601103
Fax: 01-4601097

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