Tuesday, 31 August 2010



The Princes Street Unitarian Church was built 300 years ago and when completed in 1717 became known as the New Meeting House.

While the church, almost hidden away in the busy street, is in good condition for its age, repairs are needed and restoration is in progress. Grants from various public bodies help in the work but the public are also being asked to help though donations.

“By opening this centrally located building for greater public use we are creating an attractive meeting place for groups that would otherwise have difficulty finding affordable space. The income thus generated will make this unique structure a self-sustaining feature of the life of Cork City.”

That seems to be the best path to the future though the building is pretty well known as it is already quite a  busy place and used by many organisations for meetings. Even during the recent Heritage Day, a craft fair was being held in front. If you are interest in holding an event (eg classes or exhibitions) here, you are invited to ring 087 8101943.

I made my first visit there that day, got a friendly welcome and the offer of a cuppa. Find out more by visiting the interesting website below.

021 4383541

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