Sunday, 29 August 2010


The Western gate
Eden, by Sean Mac Carthy 2000

Lee Rowing Club on opposite bank

The new railway bridge


To commemorate the millennium, the Port of Cork constructed a garden and a short walk at its lands along the river in Tivoli. The walk is quite short with fine river views; it may be extended by walking up the Lower Glanmire Road as far as the new Railway Bridge from where there are fine views of the city.

There are two entrances to the facility. Coming from the west, walk through the gate just before the “skew” bridge. Otherwise, use the Silversprings fly-over to access the eastern gate. There is limited car parking there.

It is a pleasant spot. Aside, from the river views, you have a variety of shrubs, trees and flowers (hydrangeas and fuchsia are prominent now in late August) and some sculpture. There is no shortage of seats, so you may bring your book or newspaper and give yourself a short break in the fresh air.

River Lee
City View, from new railway bridge
Enjoyed the stroll today. It is a handy park for residents of the nearby houses and apartments and even guests of Silversprings Hotel and guest houses in the area could well enjoy a walk here.

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