Monday, 16 August 2010



Can’t imagine it’s been over 20 years since I last walked in Glenbower Wood. But the last time I was there, there was a lake and a waterfall and all that went in 1988, according to the Information Board on the way in yesterday morning. I knew that waterfall and lake were no longer there, just didn't think it was that far back.
Still, enjoyed my stroll around this historic wood in the sunshine. Historic? Well, there has been a wood here since the 13th century and in the mid 19th century paths and ornamental lakes were built by the Sir Henry de Capell Brooke. In 1933 the woods, through which the Dissour River runs, came into the possession of the Department of Forestry and in 1994 the Glenbower Wood & Lake Ltd acquired 32 acres on behalf of the community.
The lake may be gone but that means there is a better flow in the Dissour, the centrepiece as you walk over a few rustic bridges. There are number of marked paths here and you can get a good long walk if you wish.
You may park behind the Old Thatch in Killeagh or carry for another half mile or so to the car park for the wood itself. I took the old walk yesterday, going in a circle, starting with a left on the path by the car park. I carried on past the site of the little waterfall (must check the archives for old photos) and then around the site of the former lake, now overgrown, over the black bridge and then back on the other side.
Quite a few people out and about and all so very friendly. East Cork has a share of lovely places to visit and this wood is a little gem.

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