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Cork Harbour, one of the biggest in the world, is controlled by the Port of Cork who operate out of the historic Custom House, built just before the north and south channels of the River Lee join on their way to Cobh and the ocean.

Built towards the end of the 19th century (design by William Hargrave), the Custom House was taken over by the Port of Cork (then the Harbour Commissioners) in 1904 (on a 999 year lease).

The vaults are used by the Cork Bonded Warehouse and it is here that wines and spirits are stored, released only to the importer when the appropriate tax has been paid to the revenue.

No drinks on offer during my latest visit, as part of the national heritage day. Been there before as the rooms are often used for meetings e.g. Labour Court reconciliations etc.

There are some fine rooms here, particularly the boardroom, which dates from early in the 20th century: very impressive dark wood on the walls, patterned ceiling and a line-up of red chairs (photo). The committee room was also open to the public who were also able to view an impressive collection of art.

Very enjoyable visit and another one worth making is to the Port of Cork website. This is full of information about boats and ships coming and going. Much of it is geared towards commercial users but the general public can also find valuable information here. Want to know which cruise liner is in Cobh today? Then get on to the site below. Do you know where the Millennium Gardens are? Find out here.


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