Monday, 23 August 2010



Cricket has been played in the Mardyke since 1850 and the Cork County Cricket Club was formed in 1874. But the 1916 rebellion and the two great wars proved huge setbacks for cricket in the city as many of the players and supporters left and touring teams just didn't come. But things have improved in recent decades and the Richard Beamish Grounds can be quite a busy spot.

And it isn’t just cricket: you may enjoy squash, darts and pool and a drink in the lounge. Just like any other amateur sport, the social side can be very enjoyable indeed. And that will be very evident at present as the club are enjoying a terrific season and have the Munster Senior League title in their grasp.

The picture was taken from Sunday's Well and players on the famous grounds last Saturday; you can also see St Finn Barre’s Cathedral (left) in the background.


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