Sunday, 25 July 2010

LEE SWIM 24 July 2010

Spent a very enjoyable afternoon at the annual Lee Swim yesterday where over 300 swimmers gave their all over the 2 km course from the North Mall to Lapps Quay. Action galore at the start where the contestants were released in batches of 30 as local snappers (photo below, Magill and Mills (right)) did their stuff. Most swimmers dived in but one lady decided to gracefully slide in off the platform (photo). There were different strokes employed as you can see below and once or twice, shortly after the start, contestants got in each other's way but they just got on with it. Loads of fans (one with pet iguana) on the bridges and on the quay walls. Well done to all concerned. It was tough going and I felt I deserved my pint in the Shelbourne afterwards.

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