Monday, 19 July 2010

On a recent walk, towards Shandon, I took time out to check out the Civic Trust House, a little gem on Quay on Pope’s Quay.
Quite a lot of history attached to this beautiful Queen Anne house, originally built around 17390 until its restoration by the Cork Civic Trust ion the 1990s.
And it is not just a  pretty place. Is serves as the headquarters for a string of the city’s creative organisations: the Cork Film Centre, the Jazz Festival, Corcadorca, the Midsummer Festival, the Choral festival and more.
And on Friday (8.00 to 10pm), it will host part of this week’s Cork Cycling Arts festival: My Lovely Bike, "a beauty pageant for bikes! It time to polish the chrome and wax the paint job as you get the opportunity to put your bicycle tyre to tyre to see who owns the most beautiful bike in Cork. Contestants will be given five minutes to describe to the audience what they love about their bicycle. Extra points will be given for over dramatic stories of rambling country adventures, near death crashes and desperate thievery on the streets. The winning bicycle will be crowned Queen of the festival and will be showered with prizes."

So why not join the fun and see the house at the same time.

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