Thursday, 24 June 2010


Fota Wildlife Park is always worth a visit as it invariably throws up something different. Take the Siamang Gibbons for instance. To-day, they put on a noisy display (twice a day, I was told by one of the helpful assistants (green tops)).
I’ve usually seen and hear them in noisy action around noon in summertime but never as close-up as to-day. Usually, the gang put on their display high up in the trees. But today, they were right in front of me, just across a little channel of water.
The female took the lead, puffing up and letting out her cacophony. Every now and then she encouraged the alpha male to do likewise and he obliged, slowly taking in the air and then taking the lead when ready, usually getting to his feet so the audience knew who the real boss was.

One of the young males was a bit put out and discreetly stayed at the back of the “stage” but the baby, a few months old, was enjoying the show and right in the thick of it (see photo). Spectators gathered, including a school tour who were fascinated by the spectacle.

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