Monday, 21 June 2010


There are many ways of going from Cork to France but I have always taken the direct route: Ringaskiddy to Roscof with Brittany Ferries.
Not strictly correct, as I’m pretty sure my “maiden” village (about 1980) was made not from Ringaskiddy but from Tivoli.
It is a pleasant trip out, on deck and checking out the sights in Cork Harbour before adjourning to one of the restaurants on board and then perhaps some on-board shopping or a glass in one of the bars.
Another advantage is that you arrive early on a Sunday morning. Roscoff is a pretty small place. You have the roads to yourself, time and space to get used to driving on the “wrong” side before you hit the autoroutes.

The service on board has always been excellent and I can't remember any unpleasant experiences involving the staff. I have also been lucky with the weather and never came across any really bad stuff. Way to go!

Indeed my appreciation of the ferry staff has risen as a result of its handing of a small incident on recent trip from Cork to Roscoff (May 15th). I had a meal on board, checked the amount and paid for it with my card. Unfortunately, the amount was in sterling rather than euro. Didn't know this of course but the staff later spotted it and contacted me to arrange a refund before I left the ship in the morning. Thanks and well done to them.

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