Saturday, 6 March 2010


The 21st Cork French Film Festival is running all this week. There are excellent features films daily, A New Wave retrospective, a Late Night Horror Show, Documentaries, Short Films and Cine-Concerts. The event, sponsored by the local Alliance Francaise, is an eye opener and worth putting in your diary for next year.

One of the main venues is the 6 screen Gate Multiplex at North Gate Bridge, the only such facility in Cork city centre, though there is a ring of such cinemas around the near suburbs.

The North Gate Bridge facility is excellent. You have a great view in a very comfortable seat. Can’t say anything about the people factor as I didn't really meet any. Booked my tickets via the net and picked them up from a machine in the foyer. All worked very efficiently.

My film was a 90 minute feature called Masquerades, yet another continental reminder that there is celluloid life apart from Hollywood. This warm character driven comedy, an Algeria/France sub-titled effort, had the audience laughing and smiling all the way through.

Even as we were going out, one of the audience said he'd wa
tch again right then and there! If you do get a chance to see it, seize it!
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