Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Blackrock Castle is one of Cork’s iconic sites. The current building, completed in 1829, is the third castle to stand on the site.

It was used by the City Corporation during the 19th century and was also the setting for the Admiralty Courts (the Lord Mayor being the Admiral of the Port). After decades in private ownership, the castle is back in Corporation hands. In partnership with the local Institute of Technology (CIT) and a private supporter, an observatory has been built there and local schoolchildren who visit can join in space age activities, star parties for budding astronomers and more besides.

Adults too are welcome here to join in the space age fun. It is a pleasant place to visit and one of the attractions is the Castle Bar and Trattoria. Serving Irish and Italian food, it is open everyday until 5.00pm and until 9.00pm on Thursday through Sunday and it also does weddings and parties.

If you want a nice walk, before or after the meal, then you have the Estuary Walk at the bottom of road by the castle.

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