Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Been in Baltimore quite often but never made it out as far as the famous beacon until last Saturday. Built as part of a series after the 1798 rebellion, the landmark is also known as Lot’s Wife.
It wasn't there when the village was sacked by Algerian pirates in 1631 but over the centuries has been a welcome sight to home-coming seafarers. It is visible from the village and once you exit to the east is easily found.
You park in a small cul-de-sac or even on the road before you come to it. The climb up is quite steep but, if you start further back, you will find an easier route to walk to the Beacon.
Once up by the white-painted pointed pillar, you have views all around you, most notably to Sherkin Island across to the right and then the coastal cliffs on your left. Worth the short detour if you do call to Baltimore (which is the ferry port for the many islands on that beautiful stretch of coast).

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